• Lisa Mcauliffe

ZAYLE’s 'Moody Monday' Hits All Of The Quarantine Moods!

By Hillary Hedstrom

ZAYLE’s newest EP 'Moody Monday' is what is needed in the late summer months. The criminally short two song EP encaptures the feeling of late night thoughts and feeling stuck.

The laid back tune “Are You Ok” starts it off. Reminiscent of late nights and loud thoughts, the captivating beat adds to the sad lyrics. The repeated line “baby are you ok, I don’t hear you” makes him seem frantic, calling out to the void.

The titular track is a feeling of craving change. A catchy breakdown in the middle of the track adds to the yearning for adventure. Equal parts chill and idealistic, this song is beautiful. The line “feeling like my days are being wasted” is what it feels like when everyday is blurring together and time is flying, but each individual day feels long.

Both songs make me feel contemplative, reflective, and wanting something else but not being sure what or how to get it. For the full experience of both tracks, listen with a pair of good headphones.


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