• Reed S

The Coronavirus Should Not Be An Outlet for Your Shameless Self Promotion

With all the upheaval the world has faced this past month; the last thing most people care to see right now is spam comments. Social media has really been awash lately with a constant stream of shitposts from people who think this virus will catapult them into stardom. On top of this being insulting to people that are dealing with much more than isolation; it's about the worst look you could give yourself as an artist. This is not the time to be concerned about "blowing up." While it's healthy and productive to keep the creativity flowing as we're all homebound; using it as a means to boost your ego isn't. It's great that we have music to keep us distracted, but the constant #RONA #CORONA #PANDEMIC tags on self promotional posts is not a good vibe, plain and simple. All that energy could be put to much better use.


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