• Lisa Mcauliffe

Staff Music Pick | "Somber" by The Cursed J

By Hillary Hedstrom

You know the feeling of being in bed on a morning when you have nowhere to go and there’s a thunderstorm? That’s the feeling The Cursed J has encapsulated in the song “Somber.” Both the feeling of peace and the anticipation for the next roar of thunder.

The juxtaposition of the soft melody and the deep bass beat drop mimic the pattern of light rainfall and heavy storms. It’s both the feeling of comfort and the feeling of gloom, blended together into one track.

The Cursed J hails from Grass Valley, California. He has played a plethora of festivals, such as Stilldream, Organic Fest, and Zero Gravity. Soon he will be adding Flower Fest to his resume. Catch The Cursed J playing Flower Fest on December 5th on our Twitch and Youtube channels!

Listen to "Somber" by The Cursed J below:


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