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Songs for the Halloween Season you NEED to hear

By Hillary Hedstrom

Just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean Halloween is officially cancelled. But if you’re missing Halloween bar crawls and parties, me too. Here are some songs to add to your playlist if you’re going to have a party this year alone or with your roommates.

  1. Halloweenie -Ashnikko

A lot of Ashnikko’s rhymes are fun. This Halloween track is no different. Mixing spooky and sexual, it needs to be added to any Halloween playlist.

  1. Halloweenie II: Pumpkin Spice -Ashnikko

The sequel to 2018’s Halloweenie came last year and did what it needed to do. Bad bitch behavior mixed with spooky jokes, it needs to be on your playlist with the first one.

  1. Hex Girl -Moon Sisters, Nostalgia Girls

Anyone who watched Scooby Doo as a child knows this song. Do I need to say anything else about it?

  1. Formula 666 -Sarah and the Safe Word

Self-described as cabaret punk, Sarah and the Safe Word’s entire discography is fit for a Halloween playlist. This song is my personal favorite because it’s fun and has greaser elements. It’s title is a play on the Formula One race and the song follows a car race, but for the devil. My second favorite song would have to be the punk sea shanty “Dead Girls Tell No Tales.”

  1. Dead Man’s Party -Oingo Boingo

This is a classic 80s song from Danny Elfman. With a fun horns section, it’s guaranteed to make you start dancing as soon as you turn it on.

  1. Turn Off The Light -Kim Petras feat. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Kim Petras released an entire Halloween themed album in 2019 and, to avoid adding the entire album, I just added the titular track. She strayed a little bit from her typical bubblegum pop sound to make an electronic album with spooky themes. Some tracks are all electronic, like TRANSylvania.

  1. Pet Sematary -Starcrawler

Starcrawler covered The Ramones’ “Pet Sematary” for the 2019 remake of the film. In my (maybe biased) opinion, they absolutely destroyed the original. The lead singer, Arrow de Wilde, has a way of singing that makes her seem almost bored and that’s what makes it so good.

  1. Scary Mask -Poppy, Fever 333

As someone who has been following Poppy since she was making YouTube videos, I love the change in genre she’s made. She has a soft voice and it mixes perfectly with metal and punk music. But when she starts screaming, it changes what you think punk should be.

  1. Alfadhirhaiti -Heilung

This one isn't a Halloween song as much as it just has a haunted sound. It’s from Heilung, which is a band from Denmark, Germany, and Norway, who makes music inspired by folklore and early civilization. This song is chanting different names for Odin. It’s guttural and primitive and, while it isn’t a party song, some of their other tracks might make it onto a playlist.


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