• Lisa Mcauliffe

Skudd and Mythic Rogue Put Their Own Industrial Take On “OG Bobby Johnson”

By Hillary Hedstrom

Skudd took "OG Bobby Johnson" by Que and added his own twist to it. Collabing with Mythic Rogue, he released his version in early November. Skudd's take on the 2014 song made it more industrial. More raw. More dramatic, as well. His version wouldn’t be out of place in an action movie. Electronic sounds and wubs take the track to the


Skudd is a DJ and producer based out of Reno, Nevada. Since he began in 2017, he has been creating his own sound with low-end frequencies. He crosses genres, from bass hiphop to chill house to whatever else he wants to make. The self-taught DJ has built up an impressive resume and following in the past 3 years. He’s opened for artists such as Cookie Monsta, Doctor P, and Bleep Bloop, just to name a few. He’s also made a name for himself at events like Uprising Festival, Alive in the Desert, and more. On December 5th Skudd will be spreading his wubs and dubs during Flower Fest. Tune in on our Twitch and YouTube Livestream!

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