Reggae Star Ed Robinson releases new single "Sunshine Reggae" on Jabluhop + Sony Orchard


Reggae Superstar, Ed Robinson, Set To Releases New Single “Sunshine Reggae”

April 10, 2020 – Ed Robinson, the veteran reggae and alternative music artist, has released a new single titled “Sunshine Reggae.” The new single and its immersive lyrics are meant to be an inspiring new piece of rendition that defines Robinson’s incredible ingenuity of transcending across different genres of music. Sunshine Reggae is now available on all music platforms.

Music is food for the soul, and Ed Robinson has committed his entire career to make such quality music that resonates well with fans that love creative excellence. Sunshine Reggae is a song that reveals the deeply rooted musical background of Ed Robinson. The new single demonstrates Robinson’s creative and vocal ability, with a super-premium, energetic reggae tune. The new single also adds to Robinson’s amazing catalog of more than 200 songs, covering different genres like reggae, rock, pop, hip-hop, soul, and R&B.

“I have always wanted to heal the world with my music. I grew up in a world of different music and I enjoyed listening to them. Music has been a profound aspect of my human identity and it has allowed me to explore and easily embrace different genres, all in an attempt to touch people’s lives positively,” said, Ed Robinson.

Sunshine Reggae promised to be a refreshing feel and thrill for fans of one of the industry’s greatest and most experienced Reggae and alternate music superstars. In January 2020, Robinson signed an exclusive booking agency deal with Memento Vivere Entertainment along with Ja’BlueHop Music and also signed an exclusive distribution deal with Sony Music/Orchard.

About Ed Robinson

Ed Robinson is a reggae and alternate music singer, writer, producer, and entertainer. Robinson has released over 10 music albums and has worked with popular superstars like Snoop Dogg, Buju Banton, Luciano, Richie Stephens, Dennis Brown, and many more. Robinson has a unique artistic ability to connect with the soul and heart of all those that listen. Ed Robinson is one of reggae’s most sought-after talent, and this new single will not disappoint!


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