• Lisa Mcauliffe

Recap | The DubBusters WeenStream

By Hillary Hedstrom

We celebrated Halloween a week early with our DubBusters WeenStream. The livestream, which is still available to view on our Twitch channel, featured sets from Kujo, Orbiix, Alex from iLLY WONKA, and Smokahauntas.

The first set was by Kujo. He seamlessly blended together chill songs, dance beats, and heavy electronic sounds. He made me feel like I was really at a club. Behind him were visuals by Trippy Tapes.

Orbiix followed up. He was in a living room, joined by a few of his friends jamming in the background. His set had more of a house party element to it, with heavy industrial sounding beats. On screen, he was joined by a few trippy alien visuals.

Alex from iLLY WONKA was on next. He had opening credits, with the Halloween theme and the visual of people running. He added some festive elements to his performance, like remixing songs like “Mr. Roboto.” He ended his set with a hard remix of the Stranger Things theme.

He then switched spots with the headliner, Smokahauntas. Both Smoke and Alex had visuals from Cupcaine. She started her set with “Halloweenie II” by Ashnikko. She had a heavy focus on female vocalists during her set. With groovy electronic beats, it was fun.

Smokahauntas pulled out a surprise guest: Lukasho. He had a raw and more motorized sound. With the two of them going together, it created an incredibly fresh sound.

Alex then joined Smokahauntas back on stage so they could create together. After he left and Lukasho came back, the vibe was changed a little. It became more chill, more low-fi.

The set ended with Alex and guest Cupcaine. As it was a Halloween stream, they celebrated accordingly with Thriller.

I look forward to the day where I can listen to this exact lineup but in a club in person. If it was this hard and made me dance while I was in my room, I am excited to feel it live.


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