• Lisa Mcauliffe

NOTD’s “Nobody” feat. Catello Channels A Club Atmosphere

By Hillary Hedstrom

Swedish duo NOTD created a neon sound with their new track “Nobody” featuring Catello. The bouncing bass line makes it impossible to resist grooving along. In the beginning, almost mumbling, Catello sings in a warm, deep voice about losing a love and being unable to let the feelings go.

On the chorus, he exclaims that “nobody’s going to love me like you do,” when the full instrumental kicks in. In the second verse he reiterates how hard it is to let the love go, repeating that it’s going to be the end of him, he knows. The love is all he can think about, almost like he’s being haunted.

Electric sounds, strong beat, and the synth make this a club track, when clubs are open again. Listening to the track, I can feel the sticky air of my favorite bar, dancing with an overpriced drink.


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