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New Music Friday | Eves Karydas' Single "Get Me So High"

By Hillary Hedstrom

Eves Karydas recently dropped the track “Get Me So High,” following up the 2018 release of her debut album summerskin.

In this song, she compares her relationship to being addicted to drugs. Her partner is the one that’s getting her high and it’s not a high she can get anywhere else. The only thing she can think about is getting this high, neglecting everything else in her life.

The chorus kicks off with “here you go again, giving me drugs for free,” jokingly placing the blame on the dealer. Her partner plays the role of both the dealer and the drug. She feels gross when she’s feeling needy and he doesn’t reply.

A video was dropped with the song. It has her with her boyfriend in color, playing music and creating art, or just touching. Then it has her in withdrawal, alone in the dark in black and white.

The song is fun and bubbly, setting up what is going to be an undeniably great sophomore album. The Australian pop singer has dropped another single, “Complicated,” from this upcoming album.

Watch "Get Me So High" music video below!

Listen to "Get Me So High"


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