• Lisa Mcauliffe

Nathalie Miranda Shows off Her Power on New Track "Catch-22"

By Hillary Hedstrom

Powerhouse vocalist Nathalie Miranda commands attention in her newest single, “Catch-22.” She soulfully sings about wanting to leave a relationship, but being attached to her partner, leaving her in a catch-22.

Miranda shows off her range, going high on the chorus of “I’m caught in the middle” and low on the verses, singing about their kisses filling her with poison.

She released a music video for the song, featuring her in black and white. Getting glammed up with no remorse, she’s showing her partner what they’re missing. She manages to create a femme fatale energy, finding her power.

At the end of the video, she shows a moment of weakness, ripping off her earrings and messing up her hair. But when a text comes in that says “we need to talk,” she runs off to get ready again.

Listen to "Catch-22" here

Watch the music video for "Catch-22" below!


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