Momentum from Memento

When beginning a new chapter (especially in the music industry) people typically have a few things that immediately come into their minds;

1. First of all, what am I doing here?

2. Who am I?

3. What do I even want to share with my listeners?

4. Where do I begin?

5. Seriously, what am I doing here?

More than half of the artists who are working to build their career are asking themselves if they can make it simply because of the follow up question:

Am I/Can I be the "new trend" that will make it in the music business?

The question that I follow up with is...what even is the "new trend" nowadays???

Everyday brings a "new trend."

People literally wake up wanting something new and different. Every. Single. Day.

Human beings are just scared to change. It is an uncomfortable experience for anyone.

But...we all crave the change that changes us.

Are you ready to change? (clearly you are if you are on this website)

Change your perspective?...your career?...your life?...

Momento Vivere is the place where you will be able to answer each and every one of those questions listed above.


You are you. Parents, teachers, friends, other mentors preach that you can be whoever you want to be.

But all seriousness...Momento Vivere holds that true to the core of the organization and all of those involved.

You are more than a musician. You are a human with needs. One of those natural human needs is to simply express yourself. And you are the special kind of person who has THE musical gifts to do just that.


YOU have a gift. A gift that is dying to be sparked.

The kind of gift that will be able to grow through the steps and opportunities Memento Vivere allows its artists to use and make their own.


You are currently in the phase of movement. But what makes you move that much faster are the resources that Memento Vivere can provide you with.

You know what you need?

--> you need MOMENTUM.

And you know what fits perfectly with momentum...MEMENTO VIVIRE.



Let Memento Vivere give you the momentum to jump start your career.

Welcome the change that you are craving with open arms but also, with the help of Memento Vivere.

You have a gift. You are a gift. You are the beginning of a "new trend." You are the change.

I'm ready for change.

Are you?

Let's get started together today-->


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