• Reed S

Keeping Your Fanbase Engaged During COVID-19

As we navigate this tumultuous time; it's important to stay as productive and engaged as possible. It's very easy for those in creative fields to simply throw in the towel due to financial hardships, and struggle immensely for motivation. They might be wondering how to maintain an income stream since shows aren't currently an option, and in a worst case scenario, some may have been dumped by their labels. But regardless of the circumstance, it's important to keep a level head and consider all options.

There's a lot better ways to generate fan traffic than jumping on the #RONA bandwagon. Rather; this period of downtime should be looked at as a way to engage with fans on a personal level. Let your guard down and get to know your supporters as not just fans but friends. All that mail you received but never got around to responding to? Now is the time to do it. Many artists have been spending a lot of time on twitch; but if that's not your thing, consider working on a more personal blog. Everybody has a lot to say during this time and many would like to hear about it.

Keeping a journal can be very helpful to get around potential roadblocks. "Why can't I support myself?" Can be rephrased to "How can I support myself? What's the best plan of action?" There's a wealth of resources out there for musicians that could help take your craft to the next level if you apply yourself. Although it's not easy doing all this work on your own; it will be all the more rewarding to make it out of this on the other side. So if you're not live streaming or spending a lot of time on social media, make sure you're studying and doing everything you can to set yourself apart when this all blows over.


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