I know, ya missed me but let's talk updates

Yesterday I had a bit of a malfunction with my laptop and for some reason my handy dandy blog was not I apologize.


If you ind yourself aimlessly scrolling through Instagram, why not head over to the @mementovivereent Instagram page you'll find a page full of resources and reminders of resources.

Today's post...all about the resources they have for their clients under the music & video distribution page.

"We have partnered with several distribution companies to offer music and video

distribution services." says the heading.

That update alone should have caught your attention and reeled you into fuller stalker mode on the @mementovivereent page.

In times like these, wild wild times like these, we are prone to get lost within our stressors, anxieties and the unknown.

But updates like the one talked about above might be exactly what you need to regenerate.

Visit @mementovivereent 's Instagram page for a very well deserved stalker moment.



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