• Lisa Mcauliffe

Griz’s Chasing the Golden Hour III is Just What We Needed

Updated: Sep 23

By Lisa McAuliffe

The saxy electronic god named Griz just dropped his miraculous mixtape Chasing the Golden Hour III filled with magical beats and inspirational lyrics carefully curated into 30 minutes of pure happiness. Griz waited to release CTGH III to make sure it was perfect, and it was definitely worth the wait.

The masterpiece starts off with “Know Time Like the Present,” which begins with a spoken word where he encourages us to appreciate life and the present moment with powerful words. He then perfectly transitions into melodic instrumentals that leaves you in awe.

Griz graciously moves along to the next track “Gettin’ High, Having Fun,” which is exactly how you’ll be feeling when listening to it. If you watched his Acid Mix live stream back in April of this year, this will sound familiar. However, this time it is mastered to perfection & you instantly feel the good vibes Griz is sending through his music.

The third track on the mixtape, “Won’t be Gone Long,” starts off with a voice asking “What does it feel like to be in love?” Another voice answers “It feels like heaven,” and goes into a mystical melody that has you feeling all the love. Even though the lyrics in the song are short, they are powerful with the combination of feel-good tunes.

Griz makes yet another beautiful transition into “Solo” featuring ProbCause. This song was released at the end of May this year as a single, but still managed to retain it’s full magic from the first time I heard it. If you’re a Griz fan, you definitely heard of his homie & ridiculous rapper ProbCause who always kills it in every track he’s in. The mixture of both artists resulted in an uplifting and bompin’ track that you can’t help but groove & sing along to!

Next on the musical journey, Griz takes us to Japan with a definite crowd favorite “Nights In Shibuya.” The lyrics suggest that this is a love song talking about how a person feels about their love and how they can’t get them off their mind. After listening to this, you automatically experience the love.

Continuing the musical trip around the world, Griz takes us to Thailand with “Koh Samui.” Filled with island vibes and Griz’s saxy-ness,this tune brings you up on a higher level, demonstrating the magic music has.

Griz's next tune has us wishing someone love, which is only available on Soundcloud. You can hear the beautiful saxophone with mesmerizing instrumentals and a voice saying "I wish you love" that just automatically makes you're heart happy!

The 6th song, “Sweet,” has a combination of delicious melodies and lovely sounds. When asked amongst his fans, this track was agreed a favorite out of the 9 songs. You’ll feel sweet sensations & good vibrations when jamming to this tune.

You’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud when listening to “Floating.” This song’s focus is mostly on the instrumentals, but you can’t help but sing along with the sounds. You’ll get a sense of peace when playing this one.

The mixtape comes to an end with “Where Will I Go,” which is the perfect placement for this tune. It leaves you feeling good & one with the universe with the funky instrumentals, magical melodies, and beautiful voices.

Griz’s Chasing the Golden Hour III is nothing short of flawless. The combination of saxy sounds, inspiring lyrics, and Griz’s unique twist on classic tracks makes this mixtape one of the best yet. It takes you on a trip through the musical universe making you feel like you’re one with yourself & the galaxy. Take the time to really appreciate this work of art, and listen to it for yourself.

What’s your favorite track off the mix?

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(Photo via Griz's Chasing the Golden Hour III Album Artwork)


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