Friday Motivation

Looking to blow up as an artist in the music industry whether it be within the world of solo performances, bands, or DJing?

Well if you are… you all know one thing for certain…these lifestyles are not easy to start and not easy to maintain.

I’m here to tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

If you go right now I guarantee you will find yourself lost in the amount of opportunities this industry can give you and your career.

Clicking on the website link above alone will prove to any industry, in the future that you are working towards a promising dream.

Any artist that envisions a dream, must realize first that in order to fulfill that dream, they so eagerly want to achieve, they first have to locate the starting line to plant their feet before the race begins.

There has to be a beginning point.

There must be a central powerhouse to a career before any growth occurs.

Don’t know where to begin?

Confused as to what the difference between Spotify and Google Play is?

Memento Vivere Entertainment will give you those answers!

Memento Vivere Entertainment has recently partnered with the almighty and ever so proclaimed, well-known social media platforms such as; Spotify, Sirus XM, Pandora, etc.

The platforms in which the Memento Industry set their artists up with is the platform all artists dream of. Spotify alone filters in millions of listeners a day along with iHeatRadio, YouTube, and Apple Music.

They could be listening to YOU. They could be searching for YOU.

Done with dreaming?

Let’s talk REALITY. start your career.

The world of “what could be” can soon become the world of “what’s next.”


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