Feelin Blah

These days you either feel two things

1. crazy amounts of motivation

2. pressure to do it all which just causes anxiety

...why not feel both?...

Let's flip it. Feel the motivation you need to get things done but at the same time, enjoy the process. This virus can cause a lot of increases in anxiety because of all the free time and limits we are all under. I for one am feeling that anxiety.

But let's talk solutions so that we can all take advantage of this time away.

As spoken about in my last bog, exploring the Memento website can set someone up to feel motivated by the future and just get excited to plan.

So, when these tough times do nothing but cause you to wake up at 1pm and feel anxious over everything you aren't doing...look ahead. See what is waiting for you over this mountain.

Your career, anyone's career for a matter of fact, will involve numerous uncomfortable adjustments or setbacks. So, use this time wisely.

And don't forget to see the other side. It might just be greener.


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