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Artist Spotlight | Space Bass Alien Orbiix

By Hillary Hedstrom

After going to a show in early 2018 and being entranced with the connection between the DJ and the audience, Orbiix decided that he also wanted to start DJing. He would describe his music as space music. He uses outer space themes and atmospheric sounds to make the listener feel like they’re floating through the cosmos.

The Milwaukee-based artist’s favorite track he’s released so far is his track “Stargazer.” It showcases several of his styles, like house, riddim, dubstep, and melodic. He first started out making melodic music, with his first mix ever being a bass house mix. Recently he dropped the bass house mix “Losing Time.” Right now, he just loves that energy. He currently has about five bass house tracks in the works, as well as a few collabs with his friends.

His biggest musical inspirations are Inzo, Virtual Riot, and his favorite Seven Lions. He chose those three because they are incredibly diverse in their art and what kind of music they make. It’s a perk that they are some of the nicest people he knows.

Over quarantine, he started Intercosmic Productions. It’s an artist collective to support and showcase underground talent. Although it focuses on music, it’s for all forms of art. One day he wants to make it a record label, but it’s currently for trippy art.

His all time favorite venue that he’s played at is Miramar. It’s a supportive environment and feels like a family. In addition to there, he’s also played at Lakehurst, Woodstock, Liquid, and some local venues around Madison, Milwaukee, and Kenosha.

Orbiix is adding Dub-busters to his already impressive resume. Tune in this Friday, October 23 to watch him do his intergalactic thing!

Tune into the DubBusters here: twitch.tv/mementovivereent

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