• Lisa Mcauliffe

Artist Spotlight: $lug Dawg

By Hillary Hedstrom

$lug Dawg got into the music game about four years ago when he was finishing up high school. He was tired of everybody sounding the same and knew that he could create something different. The rapper, based out of southside Atlanta, said that everything there is on the trap side and he was looking for a change. So far, his favorite thing that he’s done is mixing trap and reggae.

If he could only use one word to describe his music, it would be “Fascinating.” He started making music so he could push the envelope and see what genres he can mix together. He can do any genre like hip hop, reggae, rock, etc. The name $lug Dawg came because it sounded rockstarish. He is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and was raised on the Cleveland Browns so it is also an homage to them.

Although he doesn’t have any music in the works, he does have a performance next month. He wouldn’t call it a showcase, but it is for labels to see how he and the other artists performing are.

Vibe out to $lug Dawg here!

Insta: sluggxrap



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