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Artist Spotlight: Elamar

By Hillary Hedstrom

Elamar has always considered himself artistic, dabbling in various mediums as a form of self-expression. He discovered his passion for music and performing after listening to a youth music group in his hometown of Village of Peace in Israel. He’s been making music since he was in high school in 2006, but didn’t consider it as a career path until 2008.

If Elamar could only use one word to describe his music, he would say that his songs are uplifting. No matter the subject of the song, he wants the listeners to have a positive experience. His music gives off good vibes and happy feelings.

Out of everything he has made, he would say that the song “Everything” is his favorite. With that song, Elamar felt that he opened up his soul and found the perfect line of creativity. He found that his heart and soul were connected. “Everything” is a beautiful song paired with an equally beautiful music video. Featuring a sea in the evening, with Elamar walking through the sand, climbing on the rocky terrain, and wading in the water. The gorgeous backdrop of waves crashing against rocks and the yellow twilight sky adds to the song.

Elamar has music in the works. This upcoming music is different from what he’s created before because it’s focusing on the present instead of the past. These songs are more connected to his heart.




“Everything” Video:


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