Arianna Barrio joins the "Remember to Live Podcast" team as our West Coast Correspondent.

Arianna Barrio, a 25 year old whose passion is in living the most adventurous and spontaneous life she possibly can, brings the positive millennial perspective to life. For only being 25, Arianna has experienced so much in such a short amount of time allowing her to be so relatable to so many. Between growing up playing sports her entire life, to continuing her career in Women’s Fast-pitch at Western Washington University, to competing in a State wide beauty pageant for her first ever pageant at the age of 17 for her High School senior project, to modeling for huge companies such as Amazon, T-Mobile, Hyundai, Saudi Airlines and more, to graduating college in 2016 with a Marketing degree and then deciding to travel Europe for 3 months with her best friend then moving to Australia on her own for no other reason than simply because she wanted to experience the life down there. With all this life experience, Arianna wants to make the most of it by sharing her experiences, stories, and life lessons learned along the way to encourage others to be their truest and best versions of themselves. Arianna wants to use this platform to bring life back to people. She wants to help encourage others to follow their hearts and do what makes them most happy and passionate and to live a life full of adventure and curiosity. She aspires to inspire others to make the most of this life that is authentic to you, and to just have fun with it. Life is what you make it. She wants to show anyone and everyone that you don’t need to take life too seriously and to “Remember To Live”.

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