A Monday Mood

Say your name in your head.

Besides your parents and a few friends…

Who knows it?

*pause for extreme dramatic effect *

...exactly my point…


With the help of Memento Vivere Entertainment and the connections this industry has with public relations, television, and high end social media platforms your name will be known.

You have the voice. You have the talent. You have the potential.

All you need is the platform.

For example;

In case you’ve never met Ed Robinson…let’s get to it.

Ed Robinson man oh man he is not only a musical veteran but an influencer with an inspired and heart-felt musical background.

Robinson is a one of a kind artist who strives to work so that his talent hits the expectation of uniqueness.

He is an entertainer, songwriter, producer, and performer.

All of which is done with the goal of being an inspiration in mind.

Ed Robinson has made multiple well-known appearances at the following; Germany Tour, Four Seasons Cruise with Freddie McGregor and Glen Washington, Ziggy Marley and friends, and much, much more.

Now you know Ed Robinson.

Impressed? Well I am that’s for sure. And you should be too.

Visit to make yourself as well known and well-versed as Ed Robinson.


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